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Rotar is pleased to add the new RCC Concrete Cutter to its range of high quality demolition attachments. Despite its enormous power, the RCC has short cycle times. With this unique combination, it is a real game changer!

The RCC Concrete Cutter is ideal for your primary demolition needs when you need to cut concrete. Built for heavy industrial demolition, it will be used by larger demolition companies for jobs involving thick concrete with reinforcements inside such as bridges, parking garages etc. The RCC has a huge opening with massive force. Ideal for when a client just wants to cut concrete down before it is moved onto other stages of demolition, for example, to be pulverized or taken away to be crushed elsewhere.

The RCC is equipped with two hydraulic cylinders with an integrated RAMPLIFIER®. Once the RCC is facing heavy resistance, the RAMPLIFIER® is activated and doubles the pressure up to 700 bar in a split of a second. This new RAMPLIFIER® technology is designed in-house.

Its features include:

Replaceable teeth – saves downtime and thereby reduces costs. They are very wear resistant and slide on easily with just 4 screws.

Longer cutting blades – our rebar cutter blades are longer and more user friendly for the driver to cut – all in a straight line for better access into the jaw’s throat.

Simplicity – everything we don’t need isn’t on it. A minimalistic design that includes only what’s needed. No need for complexity.

Adjustable cutting blades – with shims that can be installed to get the correct gap.

Two flanges – making it easy to adjust and maintain.

All standard components – each is easily available so no wait time for parts, making it serviceable both on site, or in the workshop.

Large infrastructure of hydraulic lines – this means: less resistance is needed to open and close the machine. Lower oil temperatures = longer live on sealing components, less fuel consumption and less back pressure.

Construction – from high-grade performance steel.

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