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L Lynch Plant Hire plan future with Dig a Crusher

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Plant company sees future with Dig a Crusher

900 DAC
Client: L Lynch Plant Hire

I have seen the future and it’s Dig A Crusher

What amazes customers is what it will crush. If it goes in the jaws, it gets crushed and that includes rebar

Plant company sees the future with Dig a Crusher

Thanks to the insight of director Merrill Lynch, his customers now have a way of not only avoiding landfill tax but of actually making money out of waste
Added Value

L Lynch Plant Hire is a family business with over 30 years of experience behind them. The company operates out of three depots in London, Kent and the Midlands and has over 800 pieces of kit available to customers, with a large fleet of excavators in the 3/4 to 45 tonne range.

To give extra value to their customers, the company have always made it policy to have a wide range of attachments available to suit every client need.

But in 2007 they had to admit they had discovered something completely new in crushing and recycling on site. And Director Merrill Lynch couldn’t resist paraphrasing Peter Kay after watching a demonstration, “I have seen the future, and it’s Dig A Crusher! “
Immediate Market

Lynch immediately purchased a 900 Dig A Crusher bucket and supplemented it with a 900 V Series vibrating bucket for their own projects, but as soon as customers realised they were in the hire fleet, the buckets have been on almost permanent hire, and the company now admits it will have to buy more Dig A Crusher products to complete their own work as well as meet customer demand.
Demolish, Screen and Clean

“In recent years there has been a marked change in attitude with regard to the processing and disposing of waste. Lynch already had a policy of waste reclamation and the crusher buckets looked like a really viable alternative method of recycling on site, ” says Merrill. “What customers really like, is how easy they are to use. They are quick to fit and can be used on an existing excavator.”

He concluded. “We will certainly buy more. There is definitely a huge demand for this type of ‘green’ product. In this economic climate, profits are tight and any method of reducing overheads is worth investigating. The Dig A Crusher products have been a real find, as they have suddenly opened up the possibility of cost effectively dealing with waste and turning it into a cash product - on site. This reduces lorry movements, skip hire and the cost of mobile crusher hire. The introduction of the Dig A Screeners this year, has been little short of a stroke of genius. Not only can you crush demolition waste but you can clean, sort and recycle it as well, using your existing excavator – just brilliant.”

23rd August 2012


Worsley Plant Ltd,Road Beta,Brooks Lane Industrial Estate,Middlewich,Cheshire,CW10 0QF


Plant hire application
Converts waste into a high value cash product
Customer friendly
Demolition waste processing
Recycling facility on existing excavator fleet
Viable alternative for recycling on site
Allows reduction in overheads
Reduces vehicle movements