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Dig A Crusher Fuels Diversification

Client: Clarks Plant hire

Our excavator fleet already carries a lot of attachments; the crusher bucket seemed a logical and evolutionary step

What would have been waste in the pasthas suddenly become a revenue-generating product”
Dig A Crusher Fuels Plant Hirer’s Diversification

A Yorkshire-based plant hirer and contractor has underlined its commitment to diversification with the purchase of a Dig A Crusher 700 crusher bucket attachment.

Clarks Plant Hire & Contractors has continued its programme of ongoing diversification with the purchase of a Dig A Crusher 700 crusher bucket. The attachment, supplied by sole UK importer Dig A Crusher, now forms the mainstay of the company’s move into the burgeoning recycling market.
Constant Diversification

Clarks Plant Hire can trace its history back to the early 1960s when the company was founded by Eric, father of the current MD Anton, as a timber merchant. A slump in demand for timber, caused primarily by the closure of coal mines, caused the company to focus its attention to the plant hire side of its business. “As local faming went into decline, a number of farmers started to invade the plant hire market,” Anton Clark says. “The local hire market was literally flooded with backhoe loaders and ‘Fast Trac-style’ tractors, hitting our core business. We knew that we needed to diversify.”

Having already owned a disused clay quarry with a limited landfill potential, Clark says he was aware of the need for effective recycling solutions, a point that was underlined by one customer’s insistence that waste was recycled.

“The landfill side of our business is limited and when a customer insisted that his waste be recycled and not dumped, it gave us the trigger to find an effective equipment solution,” he explains. “We’ve always been very keen on green issues and the bucket seemed the ideal direction to take. It is no good ignoring recycling issues, if you turn your back on it you are perceived as irresponsible; do something positive and your green image is greatly enhanced. Landfill is very much yesterday’s solution, recycling is the only way to go.”
Evolutionary Step

The solution came in the shape of a Dig A Crusher 700 attachment fitted to the company’s existing Volvo EC160B excavator. “The bucket was a big investment for us, but when you take into account the haulage costs and landfill tax, recycling is the only viable option,” Clark continues. Clark reports that the company now uses its former landfill site as a stockpile, holding construction and demolition waste from a variety of local sources that are then crushed and processed at a later date. The 700 crusher bucket is also used extensively on customer sites crushing material in-situ for use as fill material. Anton Clark concludes. “We’re finding that the bucket is allowing us to achieve a better hire rate while achieving maximum utilisation from our excavator. It’s also helped us reduce our overheads by eliminating the need to hire in a large, dedicated crusher to process this material.”

23rd August 2012


Worsley Plant Ltd,Road Beta,Brooks Lane Industrial Estate,Middlewich,Cheshire,CW10 0QF


Allowed diversification into recycling
Reduced landfill and haulage costs
Attained better hire rates for excavator
Maximised excavator utilisation
Environmentally friendly