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Recycling company on a firm footing

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Recycling company on a firm footing

700 DAC
Client: Recycling Aggregates Northwest (RAN)

The Dig A Crusher attachments enable RAN to guarantee the quality of the finished product

The perfect answer to our problems. We can crush, screen and mix using just
one existing excavator and operator”

Recycling Aggregates Northwest (RAN),of Speke

It’s not often you can find a site where you can dispose of utility waste legally, without having to incur standard rate landfill tax, but with the help of Dig A Crusher, that is the proposition Recycling Aggregates Northwest has made to companies in Merseyside

Recycling Aggregates Northwest (RAN), of Speke, is using a 900 Dig A Crusher bucket and a 900S Dig A Screener to process material for the manufacture of SMR Premixed. This 100% recycled product meets or exceeds all current streetworks specifications and can be transported ready for use, and compacted using conventional compaction methods on site. Once compacted, the material is normally strong enough to allow application of bituminous wearing course layers immediately, and can be opened to traffic shortly afterwards. The SMR product has been used to successfully recycle over one million tonnes of excavated spoil nationally. Following compaction, the treated material will also cure without being covered, even if exposed to fairly extreme inclement weather conditions, it will even cure under water (albeit more slowly). To date, RAN, batched and applied over 20,000 Tonnes of material without a single failure.

The product has obvious advantages over conventional Type 1 GSB, since it bonds the material together ensuring optimum particle interlock, and forming a matrix with the surrounding ground. This eliminates any “Plug” or “Beam” effect problems associated with some concrete products. And SMR continues to cure, improving its compressive strength long after the crews leave site, but never exceeding 6 Nmm2, making for relatively simple, but most importantly, safe re-excavation, should the need arise.
A Small Problem Of Space

RAN partner Geoff Preston admitted space was a problem at the compact site, where they might receive 1000 tonnes of raw material in one go plus stockpiling at least 500t of the finished SMR under cover. There simply isn’t the space to use a conventional crushing plant. The answer was provided by Dig A Crusher.
Impressive Performance

The crushing bucket and Star Screener thoroughly impressed RAN at a demonstration, and they were ordered on the spot. The raw material is now screened to remove the fines and the remaining concrete crushed. The Quickfit hitches make the transition between the bucket and screen, seamless, fast and simple.
The Perfect Cost Effective Solution

Geoff says “The secret of the product is the purity of the ingredients. We set a very high benchmark on quality control and the DAC machines enable us to ensure the quality is constant, as we crush, blend and mix everything to order. 100% of the material is reclaimed and recycled, there is no landfill and no waste. The DAC products are ideal for this site, as they require just one excavator and operator to manufacture the product. A perfect, and very cost effective method of production. Site space is costly, so the DAC machines have earned their keep on that aspect alone. They are currently producing about 120 tonnes an hour. Both buckets are very clever ideas. The crusher bucket easily copes with rebar, and concrete simply flies through” He concluded. “SMR has numerous civils applications, but it is the utility companies who have shown a real interest, as it is perfect for trench reinstatements. This is already a big market and it is certain to expand in light of recycling issues and taxes. Customers have been very impressed by both the product and the two DAC machines. ”

23rd August 2012


Worsley Plant Ltd,Road Beta,Brooks Lane Industrial Estate,Middlewich,Cheshire,CW10 0QF


Processes utility waste
Converts waste into a high value cash product
Cost efficient recycling solution
Consistent quality
Material for trench reinstatement
Producing 120 tonnes an hour
Quick change time for crushing bucket & screen