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MAX X TRACT treatment

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Wheeldon Brothers get the MAX X TRACT treatment

Industrial, commercial and domestic recyclers, Wheeldon Brothers, are reducing waste disposal costs whilst maximising material recovery thanks to the Max X Tract density separator supplied by Worsley Plant.

Wheeldon Brothers run four waste and recycling transfer stations in Greater Manchester which together process 120,000 tonnes of construction and demolition (C&D) waste and commercial and industrial (C&I) waste every year. The processing of this material leaves behind around 120 tonnes of trommel fines each day which were sent to landfill.

Wheeldon Brothers recognised that rising landfill tax and disposal of trommel fines could become an issue for the business after a trial in Yorkshire by the Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs (HMRC) found that some waste transfer sites were failing to process material to a level suitable for the lower rate of landfill tax. (Landfill tax on trommel fines below 8mm qualifies for a lower rate of landfill tax currently at £2.50 per tonne.) It meant that this material would have to be disposed of at the standard rate of landfill tax (£64 per tonne), thus becoming extremely expensive.Wheeldon Brothers came to Worsley Plant as the sole supplier of the Max X Tract density separator because it is unrivalled in its ability to extract material with a market value.

It can therefore significantly reduce costs for the business whilst generating revenue through the trading of recovered materials. It also allows Wheeldon’s to demonstrate its commitment to sustainability and shows customers that their waste is being dealt with responsibly.

10th September 2012


Worsley Plant Ltd,Road Beta,Brooks Lane Industrial Estate,Middlewich,Cheshire,CW10 0QF


designed to separate materials less that 100mm
patented separation technology
is compact and can be easily integrated
processes up to 100 tonnes per hour
recover compost, metals, wood, plastics and organics
it results in clean high quality products