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'LADDs Bags Double-First' (Composting)

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The Remu has considerably speeded up the production of compost manufacture.

What would have been regarded as waste products destined for landfill, can now be turned into a cash product

LADDs Bags Double-First

A Berkshire-based company has achieved a notable double by becoming the first in the UK to purchase a Merlo Multifarmer telescopic handler and then making that machine the first telehandler to sport a REMU 150 screening bucket.

Land Amenity Design and Development (LADDs) Ltd. hs taken delivery of a unique combination of equipment when they purchased the UK’s first Merlo Multifarmer 29.6. This 6 metre lift height telescopic handler has 3 point linkage and PTO. The company has then made the unit even more unique by equipping it with a REMU 150 bucket supplied by Dig A Screener to allow it to tackle a variety of compost creation and processing duties.
Horticultural Independent

LADD Ltd was formed in 1972 by owner and managing director Barry Holiman. Although best-known locally for its popular garden centre and nursery, the company has diversified by taking green waste produced on site by the garden centre, Turf Services (a company run by his daughter Claire) the neighbouring nursery and from landscaping companies, and converting materials that were destined for landfill, into valuable top soil, soil mixes and soil improver mulches.
Cost-Effective and Profitable

As LADDs has grown from its landscaping roots to the diverse organisation of today, Holiman says that the needs of the company have changed dramatically. “When we moved onto this site in 1976, we had just 2.8 hectares; now we have almost 11,” he recalls. “There is a lot of green waste produced on site which is very hard and slow to decompose and break down. The REMU L150 star screener proved to be the perfect tool for that part of the job. As a result of our investment in the star screener, a lot of our suppliers now bring what previously would have been regarded waste products to our site for processing.” Although he admits that fitting the REMU L 150 screening bucket – normally seen on excavators - to a telescopic handler, is unusual, Holiman is delighted with his unique equipment combination. “The Merlo machine is extremely versatile and can perform a number of duties around the site when it’s not being used with the REMU bucket. But, when it’s fitted with the L 150, it is the ideal complement to our Zago Ecogreen 135D shredder which reduces green waste and wood down to 40 mm. We then feed this coarse product into the REMU bucket and produce a very fine organic product that is suitable for mixing with screened soil as a top dressing,” Barry Holiman concludes. “This is not only a cost-effective solution. It’s organic, and environmentally-friendly.”

23rd August 2012


Worsley Plant Ltd,Road Beta,Brooks Lane Industrial Estate,Middlewich,Cheshire,CW10 0QF


Maximises telehoist utilisation
Processes waste products to saleable material
Adaptable use as a screen and composter
Ideal for green compost manufacture