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Crushing Brings Farming Success

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A Welsh farmer is using a pair of Dig A Crusher MB buckets to give a new lease of life to a 65 hectare farm in the beautiful Anglesey countryside by converting unproductive farm land into valuable top grade arable grazing.

Anglesey based plant hirer Dei Owen Plant is extracting value from a seemingly unworkable farm using a pair of buckets from Worsley Plant.  The buckets are improving farm land into top grade arable grazing, from what had previously been dismissed as simply “65 hectares of rock”!

Dei Owen Plant has been a familiar sight throughout the Anglesey area for nearly 30 years and they now own Clegyrog farm at Rhosgoch.

“My neighbours thought I had gone mad when I bought the farm.  One of them actually asked me why I had bought 65 hectares of rock!”, says Dei.

In fact, Owen purchased the farm for exactly that reason.  Rock was won using a 14 tonne Volvo hydraulic excavator equipped with a hydraulic breaker which effectively demolished a pair of 10 metre high rock sills.  The granite, was then crushed using the Dig A Crusher MB 900 crushing bucket which is carried on a Caterpillar 322DL. Crushed to a 75mm grade and then screened using the 1200R screening bucket which is also carried on the Cat 322DL, the smaller, 25mm grade product was used in a concrete mix for the base of three new barns and the remaining clean 75mm rock is used in drainage projects on the farm.

“The crushing and screening bucket pairing has proved to be highly productive,” says Owen.  “Producing 30 tonnes each of 25 mm and 75 mm product an hour, it took just three days to crush enough rock for the barn bases.  And even though we purchased £1,500 of cement,we saved at least £5,000 on materials that would have had to be purchased and brought onto the site. We soon realised the potential of the buckets for demolition work, but we are finding we can utilise them on agricultural applications as well.”

Since the success of this initial reclamation project, Owen has set about an even larger land improvement programme on the farm. Owen and his team also drained a 1.5 hectare field that was an  “unproductive bog”.

“Even in the summer it was too soft to use for grazing.  This field has been dug with a series of 1 metre drainage ditches at 5 metre intervals, each filled by the 75 mm grade material. Now the soil has dried out, and it is awaiting sowing with grass seed for a silage crop,” Owen adds.

Having used his Dig A Crusher units on his own site, Dei Owen hopes to use the farm to showcase his ideas to neighbours and diversify even further.

“Not only have the Dig A Crusher MB buckets proved that I can bring unproductive land back into use, but they have demonstrated the crusher also has great potential for processing formerly useless rock into a useful product.

The buckets have also shown their worth not only on the plant side, for processing demolition waste, but in agricultural applications, particularly on other farms.  The buckets can be interchanged to suit demolition and then used for land clearance as well.  The 1200R screening bucket is scheduled to be used on poorer farmland, removing rock from the topsoil to provide a better grade of arable farmland. 

The buckets have proved it is possible to dramatically improve the land, which will be a real boost to the farming community.”


27th November 2013


Worsley Plant Ltd,Road Beta,Brooks Lane Industrial Estate,Middlewich,Cheshire,CW10 0QF


  • Interchangeable agricultural & plant hire application
  • Quarry application for sub base and drainage products
  • Rock crushing and screening on site
  • Demolition waste processing
  • Produces clean drainage material
  • Land clearance and stone removal