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D20 Saved time and money

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Using the Dig A Crusher attachments saved
time and money and allowed maximum
utilisation of the existing excavators

Client: D20

D20 Ltd is using a Dig A Crusher 700 excavatormounted bucket and a Remu/Dig A Screener 700S excavator mounted screen to spearhead its brownfield remediation activities.

A recently formed groundworks and civil engineering company is using a pair of Dig A Crusher excavatormounted crushing and screening attachments to spearhead its brownfield remediation activities. D20 Ltd reports that the two units – a 700 crusher bucket and a 700S screen – have made an immediate impact; saving the company thousands of pounds, reclaiming more than 1000 tonnes of “waste” material, and eliminating more than 400 vehicle movements in less than a month.

Director John Rose, who specified the two attachments, says that Dig A Crusher units exemplify his company’s policy of recycling and reusing materials wherever possible. “We have a policy of minimising material taken off site if at all possible. It really doesn’t make much financial sense to spend money and fuel to haul material off site, process it, and then go through the same expense to bring it all back on site for sub base or piling mats,” Rose asserts. “This is where the Dig A Crusher attachments come into their own. They match our environmental policies perfectly.” Rose cites the processing of pile caps as a primary example of the power of the Dig A Crusher units to convert waste into a saleable product. “We often have two to three metre pile caps that have been cut off and simply dumped, mainly because larger dedicated crushers and screens struggle to cope with the rebar they contain,” Rose adds. We break the pile caps and feed them through the crusher bucket to retrieve the steel and recycle the concrete. The Dig A Crusher machines make it easy.”

In addition to their ability to outperform a dedicated crusher or screen, Rose says that the Dig A Crusher attachments can also work on sites that would be inaccessible to their larger cousins.

“Our new attachments proved to be the perfect solution on a recent project for Carillion who were building new student accommodation in Bath. The site was extremely cramped and it would have been impossible to bring in a mobile crushing plant because of the proximity of the buildings,” Rose continues. “Fitting the Dig A Crusher bucket on to an existing excavator not only saved time and money but ensured we got maximum productivity out of an existing machine. We salvaged around 1,000 tonnes of concrete and processed it as piling mat material, eliminating over 400 lorry movements in the process.” Rose reports that a combination of reduced vehicle movements, lower fuel costs and higher recycling levels has also impacted positively on his company’s bottom line. “Depending on the material, we are recycling between 20 and 40 tonnes per hour but we are achieving much better margins now as the recycling and reprocessing is so much more efficient,” Rose concludes. “If I wasn’t over the moon with these attachments, Dig A Crusher would soon get them back. But I wouldn’t start another brownfield site without the crushing bucket and screener.”


23rd August 2012


Worsley Plant Ltd,Road Beta,Brooks Lane Industrial Estate,Middlewich,Cheshire,CW10 0QF


Provides a recycling ability on cramped sites
Maximises excavator utilisation
Converts waste products into cash products
Ideal for brownfield site reclaimation
Processes rebar waste without problems