Fully Hydraulic Quickcouplers from Lehnhoff

The fully hydraulic Lehnhoff Variolock energy circuit coupling system makes changing all attachments easy, safe and quick. The driver can comfortably change all tools including the hydraulic connection at the press of a button from the cab. The hydraulic unit and the tried and tested original Lehnhoff quickcoupler form a compact unit. The locking operation is carried out via a lockable push button or optional with the control panel Lehmatic Control.

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With a range of sizes available we’ll help you find the quickcoupler to suit your machine and your attachments:

HS03V (VL 30) HS08V (VL 80) HS10V-HS25V (VL 100-250) HS10V-HS25V (VL 100-250) HS10V-HS25V (VL 100-250) HS40V-HS80V (VL 400-800)
HS10V (VL100) HS21V (VL210) HS25V (VL250)
Excavator class 1.5-6t 6-12t 10-19t 18-28t 26-40t 40-130t
Length (mm) 284 570 520 545 545 760
Width (mm) 200 335 395 495 600 750
Weight approx. (kg) 50 90 220 350 550 700
Compatible with adapter SW03 SW08 SW10 SW21/25 SW21/25 SW40
Coupling shaft diameter Ø (mm) 50 60
Locking /unlocking pressure min. (bar) 130 160
Valves 5 x KV1 3 x KV1, 2 x KV2 3 x KV1, 2 x KV3 2 x KV1, 1 x KV3, 2 x KV4 2 x KV1, 1 x KV3, 2 x KV4 2 x KV1, 1 x KV3, 2 x AV46
Flow KV1 (l/min) 110 110
Load hooks load capacity 2 x 3 t 2 x 5 t 2 x 8t 2 x 10t 2 x 18t
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High efficiency through time and cost savings

  • More effective work: tool change makes sense even with short work cycles
  • More safety and comfort for the driver
  • Reduced costs by protecting the machine and attachments
  • Avoiding hose breaks
  • Less contamination of the hydraulic system, environmentally friendly
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