MONTABERT CONCRETE BREAKERS provide power, versatility and optimum performance for your projects and are ideal for use in the Demolition, Construction, Quarrying industries. The use of innovative high performance technology in product design and manufacturing makes Montabert breakers the most efficient and reliable choice for customers around the globe.  At Worsley Plant we offer a range of Monabert Concrete Breakers to meet your requirements:

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The Silver Clip (SC) series – a full product line made for all kinds of compact carriers – consists of nine models, weighing from 60 to 500 kg for 0.7 to 12 ton machines; there is at least one Silver Clip breaker for every compact carrier in the market. The SC range is very tolerant to back pressure, working with all existing hydraulic systems and their internal pressure regulation. In addition, these breakers are compatible with all quick couplers and meet all adaptation requirements for your carrier.

SC6 SC8 SC12 SC16 SC22 SC28 SC36 SC42 SC50
Carrier Weight Range 0.7-1.2t 1-1.7t 1.2-2.2t 1.5-3.7t 2.2-5.3t 3-7.5t 4-10t 4-12t 7-12t
Breaker Operating Weight 65kg 90kg 110kg 150kg 225kg 275kg 365kg 445kg 498kg
Oil Flow Range 12-23 l/min 15-30 l/min 17-35 l/min 25-30 l/min 30-65 l/min 40-75 l/min 55-100 l/min 70-120 l/min 75-125 l/min


Montabert medium-range hydraulic rock concrete breakers are designed for use on large backhoe loaders and medium-size excavators. With superior power-to-weight ratios, these breakers effectively excavate, break oversize boulders, and demolish concrete.

M900 501 NG
Carrier Weight Range 15-25t 8-18t
Breaker Operating Weight 1120kg 730kg
Oil Flow Range 100-150 l/min 80-140 l/min


Montabert heavy concrete breakers are designed for all types of carriers, from 20 to 80 tons. They are equipped with an automatic pressure regulator to ensure optimal operation regardless of variations in flow and/or temperature. Our heavy breakers can be equipped with a bronze or steel lower bushing in order to provide the best lifespan and efficiency for any type of material. They are also highly tolerant to back pressure. It isn’t easy to find a carrier on which Montabert heavy breakers cannot be mounted.

V1800 EVO V2500 EVO V3500 V4500
Carrier Weight Range 20-35t 27-40t 35-60t 35-60t
Breaker Operating Weight 1884kg 2571kg 3500kg 4668kg
Oil Flow Range 140-220 l/min 175-250 l/min 250-320 l/min 240-320 l/min


XL breakers offer unprecedented stable nitrogen pressure over time and provide the best power output ratio. Moreover, they are highly tolerant to back pressure.

XL1000 XL1300 XL1700 XL1900 XL2600
Carrier Weight Range 11-17t 15-22t 18-28t 21-31t 28-38t
Breaker Operating Weight 980kg 1285kg 1660kg 1900kg 2670kg
Oil Flow Range 70-120 l/min 90-140 l/min 100-150 l/min 120-180 l/min 150-240 l/min


Montabert premium heavy concrete breakers can automatically adjust their working frequency, through up to 15 different speeds, to improve productivity. This happens even if the breaker is set to minimal flow. The outstanding variable technology provides high versatility, huge productivity increases, reduced costs of ownership, and very fast return on investment.

V32 V45 V55 V65
Carrier Weight Range 18-30t 27-40t 35-50t 45-90t
Breaker Operating Weight 1450kg 2547kg 3430kg 5589kg
Oil Flow Range 120-170 l/min 180-265 l/min 240-320 l/min 380-420 l/min
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