Remu EL2085

The screening bucket can be fitted to Small Wheeled loaders or Mini Excavators or both using a dual mount system.

The EL 2085 has an SAE capacity of 0.18 cubic metres. There are 2 rotators giving a screening area of 0.2 square metres driven by 1 hydraulic motor.

The EL2085 is available with a 90 degree and 180 degree spiral blade pattern.

Screening sizes vary from 0-8mm, 0-11mm, 0-18mm, 0-27mm and finally 0-41mm.

*Flow requirement is 23-60 litres per minute free flow. Max relief setting is 210 BAR – The bucket requires a 2 way circuit to operate and a case drain for the leak back to tank

Remu EL2085 Thumb 1
Remu EL2085 Thumb 2
Remu EL2085 Thumb 3