Rotar Pulverizer RDP 20 S

The Rotar Pulveriser is the ideal attachment for primary - as well as secondary demolition. It easily crushes reinforced concrete and separates it on the jobsite or afterwards.                                                                      

The pulveriser bites simply in anything.                                                            The pulveriser is 360 degree rotateable and characterised by its excellent preformance.                                                                

By optimisation of the hydraulic system, the pulveriser works extremely efficient in cycle times (open / close) but also in combination with the carrier it shows a favourable fuel consumption.                                                              

A powerfull cilinder fitted with a speed valve together with the shaping of the jaws creates a well penetration in and free fall of the materials.                                                                       

Also available without rotation.

Rotar Pulverizer RDP 20 S Thumb 1
Rotar Pulverizer RDP 20 S Thumb 2
Rotar Pulverizer RDP 20 S Thumb 3