Waste Systems Density Separation Products

Reduce Waste Disposal Costs and Maximise Material Recovery with Density Separation technology.

Recovering high-quality, reusable material from waste not only equips you with a valuable resource – it also boosts your green credentials. The Max X Tract and Flex X Tract density separators benefit from industry-leading separation technology, ensuring an ultra-efficient process and guaranteeing high returns. They are also fully self-contained, extremely durable and compact, with the advantage of being easily incorporated into existing systems. To separate foreign material from cash products with minimum fuss and maximum return, look no further than Worsley Plant.

MAX X TRACT:  The latest advancement in material separation:

  • The Max X Tract density separator is designed to separate materials less that 100mm giving the customer higher value materials and reducing the amount of material going to costly landfill
  • It uses industry leading, patented separation technology, is compact and can be easily integrated into existing systems
  • It uses a series of actions to extract materials in different ways to achieve better results. For example, metals are magnetically pulled out of the material stream
  • It can process up to 100 tonnes per hour to recover compost, metals, wood, plastics and organics
  • It results in clean high quality products which can be returned to the composting process, used as biomass fuel, or to meet recycled material specifications.

FLEX X TRACT:  designed to allow the screening of multiple material types.  The patented screening system now offers users the opportunity to screen materials that had been considered too problematic or had properties that made conventional style screening systems inefficient and non profitable.  Benefits include:

  • precision screening of low density, high moisture content, inconsistently fed applications
  • eliminating binding and plugging that prevents efficient screening
  • long life screen mats/low maintenance
  • the ability to produce small product fractions when processing difficult materials
  • ability to screen multiple material types
  • extremely efficient product separation using the High Energy screen


Model Excavator Wheel loader
Max X Tract Density Separator
Flex X Tract
Max X Tract Density Separator
Max X Tract Density Separator
Flex X Tract
Flex X Tract