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Worsley Plant is pleased to announce a new innovation from Rotar to be launched at Bauma 2019. Even before it’s official launch this market leading piece of technology won a prestigious NFDC Award in the ISP Innovation Category in London last Friday.

The Rotar RAMPLIFIER will be introduced with the brand new RCC Concrete Cutter. Using new market leading technology it will give double the power and sit at the cutting edge of the market.

RAMPLIFIER is installed on the RCC offering a higher force of cutting power – a massive increase from 350 to 700 bar.

RAMPLIFIER has been developed following input and discussions with Rotar’s customers and dealers to ensure they are offering them the best product to meet their needs.

How does it work?

When the pressure reaches 250/270 bar then the RAMPLIFIER is activated.   This slows the cutting process down, but at this stage, the RCC is already biting through the concrete you are cutting so it becomes much stronger. It hammers at a high frequency, which has a positive effect to break into the concrete. RAMPLIFIER is installed inside the cylinder rod so it is fully integrated and can’t be tampered with.   It’s easy to access if needed and results in a lot less downtime. On machines where no booster is used, then the attachment needs a larger cylinder and therefore more oil, which leads to slower cycle times.

The RCC uses parts already available in the Rotar workshop. The rotation components are used in their existing attachment range and therefore always in stock – these recurring parts have a long history and are approved technology.

What about the machine on which it is fitted?

The RCC Concrete Cutter is ideal for your primary demolition needs when you need to cut concrete. Built for heavy industrial demolition, it will be used by larger demolition companies for jobs involving thick concrete with reinforcements inside such as bridges, car parks etc. The RCC has a huge opening with massive force. Ideal for when a client just wants to cut concrete down before it is moved onto other stages of demolition, for example, to be pulverized or taken away to be crushed elsewhere.

Its features include:

The most powerful voice in the demolition industry, the NFDC has championed the standards and professionalism of its members for more than 75 years.  That’s why, at Worsley Plant, we haven’t looked on this Award lightly.

MD, Sean Heron adds:  “To win such a prestigious award is fantastic.  Rotar fully deserve this great achievement.  Their continued commitment to providing market leading demolition attachments is why we are proud to work with them as their UK supplier.”

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