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The world’s leading innovator of grabs, pulverisers and shears for the demolition, recycling and scrap metal industries is turning 40 and celebrated at the recent Bauma Show.

It all started with a screening drum for wheel loaders to clean paving stones. In the late 1970s, road contractor Hendrik Pleijzier invented and constructed this tool. It enabled him to do his work much more efficiently and easily. Not much later, his invention marked the inception of Rotar, which grew into a global company with ten innovative product lines in 40 years.

Today they offer their most comprehensive range of attachments for demolition, such as our demolition/sorting grab, combi shears, concrete crusher and scrap shears—state-of-the-art equipment for demolition of buildings, ships, infrastructure and the like. In addition, Rotar offers attachments for recycling, such as our demolition/sorting grab and orange peel grab. A third component is attachments for scrap and scrap metal processing, such as our scrap shears and rail cutter. And finally, attachments for screening and sorting work for road construction, such as the segregator bucket and screening drum.

Innovation, excellent service and high-quality production are paramount for all their equipment.

“We deliberately target the top end of the market,” says Managing Director, Louis Broekhuizen. “We are a premium brand with expert knowledge, and we constantly implement new techniques. We offer performance-enhancing attachments, which ensure fuel savings and lower CO2 emissions, through reduced drag, among other things. This allows crane operators to get the most out of their machine. We, always strive for durable, low-maintenance and high-availability tools.”

All Rotar’s range of attachments are available in the UK from us, Worsley Plant – their exclusive supplier.

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